Our vision is to establish ourselves as a world-class gaming entertainment company

Our strategy

Our vision is to establish OPAP as a world-class gaming entertainment company. Our strategic framework is driven by eight strategic priorities.

Embedding Customer Obsession
Customer Understanding Internal Focus on Customer Continuous Improvement
  1. Improved Insight
    Invest in more tools/resources to create deepest possible insights of customers & consumers in Greece/Cyprus generally
  2. Customer Profiling
    Finalise a clearly defined, segmentation matrix of our customers, both existing and potential (while looking to target more younger/female customers)
  3. Stronger Relationships
    Introduce an enhanced customer relationship scheme that rewards loyalty
  1. Visible Leadership
    Creation of Chief Customer Officer role and a focused Customer team
  2. Employee Understanding
    ‘Be The Customer’ and ‘Adopt a Shop’ amongst a number of new initiatives for every OPAP employee
  3. Reinforcing the Message
    Regularly sharing across the Group notable examples of customer focus and results to involve every member of the OPAP team
  1. Focus on Customer Satisfaction
    Establish clear, visible customer-centric KPIs that are embedded within performance management
  2. Maintain Customer Engagement
    Improve the level and breadth of our customer engagement (n.b. social media)
  3. Voice of the Customer
    Maintain strong involvement of the customer in the product development process


Consistently put the customer at the centre of everything that we do

Investing in our Network

Our Shops Our Products & Services Our People
  1. Estate Optimisation
    Optimise footprint and estate profile based on our network development plan
  2. Evolving Shop Design
    Introduction of global best practices while respecting local specifics (from 2017)
  3. Modernisation
    Introduction of new technology including improved infrastructure and new core transactional systems (from 2017)
  1. New Services
    Introduction of self-service devices (from H1 2017), new products and new, non-gaming services (Tora Direct)
  2. More Entertainment
    Improved and more consistent broadcast experience (from H1 2017)
  3. Protection of our Network
    Increased investment in people and resources to combat illegal activities
  1. Stakeholder Alignment
    Alignment of interests of OPAP and Agents, who are OPAP’s ambassadors in the local communities
  2. Support for Growth
    Expansion of our existing Retail Excellence Programme, Agent support and training
  3. High-Performing Team
    Improved performance management, incentive schemes and robust compliance policies


Develop OPAP stores to be the customer’s local entertainment destination

Developing our People

Attract Develop Engage Retain
  1. Younger Appeal
    Launch Graduate Trainee Scheme and Internship Programs (H1 2017)
  2. Market Understanding
    Undertake Proactive Potential Candidate Assessment
  3. Workplace Improvements
    Creating modern, head office workplace environments (new offices, Athens & Thessaloniki)
  1. OPAP Academy
    Expand OPAP Academy programme, including personalised training plans, Leadership Development and Women in Business initiatives
  2. Full Induction
    Extensive Induction Programme for all new employees/agents (Q4 2016)
  3. Managing Performance
    Revised performance management scheme across the Group (FY 2017)
  1. Better Communications
    Improved, two-way internal communications and more visible recognition
  2. Work/Life Balance
    Creation of OPAP Employee Engagement Committee with social/sporting events and ‘healthy living’ initiatives
  3. Getting Involved
    Regular involvement in OPAP’s many CSR activities
  1. Rewarding our People
    Development of attractive total compensation and benefits packages
  2. Career Development
    Expand opportunities for internal career options
  3. Building for the Future
    Structured  talent management and succession planning


Build a high-performing team with both our employees and our agents

Building a World class portfolio of Products & Services

Existing Products New Gaming Products New Services/Content
  1. Full Portfolio Review
    Immediate review of all products to be led by new Chief Product Officer
  2. Better Sportsbetting Offer
    Improvements in pricing, markets, offers & content, plus self-service devices
  3. Expanded Horseracing
    Increased investment in product development & distribution
  4. Digital Transformation
    Transformation of our existing online/mobile offer and introduction of digital gaming products
  1. VLTs
    Attractive potential opportunities for both our agency network and our PLAY gaming halls
  2. Virtual Games
    Proven content in other similar European markets (from H1 2017)
  3. European Jackpots
    Conversations underway about introducing transnational lotteries into the Greek market
  1. Tora Direct
    Introduce a number of payment related services across our network
  2. Other Services
    Many other non-gaming services currently being reviewed
  3. Video/TV
    Review of our broadcast strategy already underway
    Investigating various opportunities to leverage the increasing power of video content across the Group


Offer customers a broad range of attractive products whenever/wherever they want

Leveraging the latest Digital & Technology Capabilities

People/Resources Systems Capabilities
  1. More Industry Knowledge
    Recruitment of new CTO with significant betting/gaming experience
  2. Internal Expertise
    Increase the level of internal development capability in key areas
  3. External Partners
    Continue to seek close long-term partnerships with best-in-class, trusted technology providers
  1. Accelerate Delivery
    Long-term strategic approach to increase the flexibility and agility of our technology
  2. Open Architecture
    Introduce open gaming platforms architecture for easy integration with 3rd party content and applications
  3. More Control
    Increased control of key elements to allow us to respond quickly to consumer demands
  1. Digital
    Focus on an improved digital experience with mobile-centric approach for all services, both internal and external
  2. Payment Solutions
    Introduce multiple new payment options for our customers, including in-store cash-in/cash- out for digital customers (2017)
  3. Multi-channel Experience
    Future development roadmap leading to seamless customer experience via multi - channel integration


Transform the role of Digital & Technology within the Group

Committing to our Communities

Strong Commitment Stakeholder Engagement Responsible Gaming
  1. Health
    Renovation of the two largest Children Hospitals in Greece; “Aghia Sophia” and “P&A Kyriakou” and many, recognised activities in Cyprus
  2. Sports
    Value  creation for the future of Greek sports through “OPAP Sports Academies” program
  3. Employment
    Select and support developing companies, so that their growth will lead to job creation
  1. Our People
    Participation of our people in the CSR programs, creating stronger bond to the programs
  2. Our Customers
    Involving our customers into OPAP’s CSR projects, (eg. connection of Athens Marathon and hospital renovation)
  3. Creating Awareness
    Building stronger communication with customers on both national and local level
  1. Improving Our Policies
    Continuous improvement of our policies and procedures Group-wide
  2. Educating our People & Customers
    Substantial investment in training to help ongoing player protection and into educational campaigns promoting responsible gaming
  3. International Recognition
    By following clear KPI’s and working together achieve WLA level 4 (highest) certification recognizing OPAP commitment  to responsible gaming


Create long-term, meaningful benefit and build a brighter future for Greece/Cyprus

Expanding the power of our Brand

Brand Identity Strong Connection Barriers & Risks
  1. Brand Position
    Set out OPAP’s brand purpose and articulate our offer to our customers
  2. Logo/Tagline
    Refresh existing powerful ‘anthropaki’ logo and develop simple, brand tagline
  3. Brand vs Products
    Review the use of OPAP brand vs use of product brands (especially sponsorships), and police clear brand guidelines
  1. Customer Engagement
    Execute 360° campaigns supporting the OPAP/product brands
  2. Sponsorship & CSR
    Boost relevance through a focused Sponsorship & CSR program
  3. Ambassadors Network
    Build up an even stronger network of internal (employees, agents, partners) and external ambassadors
  1. Credibility/Transparency
    Reinforce with further communication and evidence of reasons to trust our games
  2. Winnability
    Review winnability rates for all games and ensure maximum visibility of winning players/games
  3. Responsible Gaming
    Increase our existing comprehensive programme, both internally/ externally, to demonstrate our commitment


Maintain a strong and consistent emotional connection with our customers

Rebuilding healthy relationships with the State, Regulator and other bodies

Government Gaming Regulators Other Bodies
  1. Collaboration - tackling illegal gambling
    Actively cooperate with government and relevant competent authorities to propose changes in legislation to comprehensively address illegal gambling
  2. Collaboration - sport quality/integrity
    Working closely with the government (e.g. Ministry of Culture and Sports)  on tackling stadium violence issues and the continuous upgrade in quality of sports in Greece
  1. Open Dialogue
    Maintain an open dialogue on major items and establish a better common understanding
  2. Regulatory Certainty
    Establish more regulatory certainty and transparent procedures
  3. Trusting Working Relationship
    Working at all levels of OPAP to maintain a more collaborative day-to-day working relationship
  1. Gaming industry
    Strengthen participation with industry associations (e.g. WLA/ELA), sharing insight/ information (incl. sports integrity)
  2. Greek Sport
    Work closely with sports bodies for the promotion of sports values and the upgrade in quality of sports
  3. Bank of Greece
    Build new relations (Payzone)


Establish a close working relationship with Government, Regulator and other associations

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